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«RODINA» Company
Our company was founded in 2015.

Our organization is located in the village Ilyinka, Skopinsky district, Ryazan region. We continue the work of the "Rodina" Kolkhoz, the largest agricultural enterprise in the Skopinsky District since the times of the USSR.

The main direction of our activity is the cultivation of various varieties of cereals, legumes, oilseed, as well as perennial grasses. We sow super-elite and elite seeds of the most promising varieties of grain and oilseeds crops. As of 2021, 4,500 hectares of agricultural land are under cultivation.
The specialists of our company pay great attention to the quality of the crops offered. So that our production meets all the norms and standards of G.O.S.T., which are accepted in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Высококвалифицированные специалисты
Victor Ivanovich, Chief agronomist of Rodina LLC
Viktor Ivanovich was awarded a place on the Hall of Fame in the regional center of Skopin, Ryazan Region.
Our future
Our company has been dynamically developing throughout the entire time. Today we assess the current situation in the country and around the world as favorable for the development of new directions!
The company plans to increase the acreage
up to 10,000 hectares and expanding the range of products.
Thanks to the technical re-equipment of modern grain cleaning and grain drying equipment, new warehouses, we are confident in the quality and shelf life of our products. On the Petkus sorting equipment, the crop is brought to sowing conditions, is certified and prepared for sale. The sale of crops is accompanied by all the necessary documents confirming the quality of G.O.S.T. Our products are highly appreciated by regular customers of the Ryazan region and other regions of the Russian Federation.
"RODINA" Company
Area "Industrial zone 1", building 1, office Н1/1
Ilyinka village, Skopin district, Ryazan Region

391822, Russian Federation
+7 916 218-87-47